Lady Robin Hood Slot (Play For Free + Game Review)

If you are a fan of online slot games, then Lady Robin Hood is definitely worth your time. This game, created by Bally Technologies, is a five-reel, 40-payline slot that offers players plenty of chances to win big. With its unique theme and exciting bonus features, it’s no wonder that this game has become so popular among gamers.

In this article, we will provide an in-depth review of Lady Robin Hood Slot Game – from how to play the game to what makes it stand out from other slots on the market. We will also give our final thoughts and recommendations about whether or not you should give this game a spin.

So buckle up and get ready for an adventure with Lady Robin Hood!

Key Takeaways

  • Lady Robin Hood is an online slot game with 5 reels and 40 paylines set in Sherwood Forest with a medieval feel to it.
  • The minimum bet is $0.01 per line up to a maximum bet of $10 per line, with various betting options to cater to different budgets and preferences.
  • Winning strategies include keeping an eye out for the wild symbol and landing three or more bonus symbols to activate the free spins feature.
  • The Autoplay function saves time and increases consistency, but also has disadvantages such as loss of control and limited customization.

Overview of Lady Robin Hood Slot Game

You’ll be impressed by the exciting gameplay and thrilling bonuses in Lady Robin Hood slot game. The game is set in Sherwood Forest and has a medieval feel to it, taking you back to the time of Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men.

The graphics are well-designed, with detailed symbols such as arrows, daggers, bags of gold coins, and Lady Robin Hood herself. The gameplay mechanics are easy to understand.

There are 5 reels and 40 paylines, with a minimum bet of $0.01 per line up to a maximum bet of $10 per line. You can win up to 1,000x your bet if you land five Lady Robin Hood symbols on an active payline.

Winning strategies include keeping an eye out for the wild symbol (the logo), which can substitute for any other symbol except for the bonus symbol (the target). Land three or more bonus symbols to activate the free spins feature and potentially increase your chances of winning big!

How to Play

To start playing Lady Robin Hood, you need to familiarize yourself with the betting options. This game offers a range of coin values and bet levels that can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

Additionally, there’s an autoplay function that allows you to sit back and watch the action unfold without having to manually spin the reels each time.

Betting Options

If you’re looking for a game with flexible betting options, Lady Robin Hood slot has got you covered. Whether you’re a high roller or prefer to play it safe, the game offers various options to cater to your needs.

The minimum bet starts at $0.01 and can go up to $400 per spin. The game features 40 paylines that are fixed, meaning players cannot adjust them. However, they can choose the number of coins they want to stake on each line and set their preferred coin value.

With such vast betting options available in Lady Robin Hood slot, players can enjoy the game regardless of their budget size and preferences.

Autoplay Function

By activating the Autoplay function, you can sit back and let the reels spin on their own, allowing you to relax and enjoy the game without any interruptions. This feature is perfect for anyone who wants to take a break from manually spinning the reels while still having the chance to win big.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using Autoplay:


  1. Saves time – With Autoplay, you don’t have to keep clicking on the ‘spin’ button every time you want to play.
  2. Consistency – By setting a specific number of spins, it ensures that each round is played in exactly the same way.
  3. Multi-tasking – You can do other things while playing since there’s no need to focus on clicking or tapping.
  4. Better chances of winning – Since each spin is random, activating Autoplay increases your chances of hitting a winning combination.


  1. Loss of control – When using Autoplay, you’re not able to make decisions about what happens next in the game.
  2. Risky – If left unattended for long periods, it can quickly deplete your balance if not played responsibly.
  3. Boredom – Some players may find it monotonous watching reels spin automatically without any interaction or involvement.
  4. Limited customization – Certain games don’t allow certain features like bonus rounds or gamble options when using autoplay mode, which can limit the overall experience for some players who enjoy those features.

Bonus Features

Get ready to experience the thrill of Lady Robin Hood’s bonus features, where you can win big and feel like a true outlaw!

One of the most exciting bonus features in this slot game is the free spins round. To activate it, you need to land three or more target symbols on reels one, three and five. You’ll then be rewarded with 10 free spins, during which all your winnings are multiplied by two!

But that’s not all – Lady Robin Hood also has wild symbols that can help you create winning combinations. These symbols substitute for any other symbol on the reels, except for the target symbol. If you manage to land five wilds on an active payline during the base game or free spins round, you can win up to 1,000 coins! So keep an eye out for those wilds as they could be your ticket to some serious loot.

Graphics and Sound Effects

Now that you’re familiar with the Bonus Features of Lady Robin Hood slot game, let’s delve into its visual appeal and audio experience.

The graphics of this game are top-notch, with high-quality images that stay true to its theme. You’ll be greeted with a forest backdrop and symbols that include arrows, daggers, quivers, and bow and arrow.

The colors are vibrant and engaging, adding an immersive element to your gameplay. In addition to the impressive visuals, Lady Robin Hood also delivers an exceptional audio experience.

The sound effects are authentic and consistent with the game’s theme. From the twang of the bowstring to the thud of arrows hitting their targets, every detail is accounted for. Furthermore, the animation quality is superb as well – smooth transitions between screens add a polished touch to your gaming experience.

Overall, it’s evident that Lady Robin Hood was developed with great care for both theme consistency and player engagement.

  • Vibrant colors
  • Authentic sound effects
  • Polished animations
  • Consistent theme
  • Immersive elements

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

So, we’ve reached the end of this thrilling adventure and I must say, it’s been quite a ride. From the captivating graphics to the exceptional sound effects, Lady Robin Hood slot game definitely exceeded my expectations.

But what about its gameplay mechanics and winning strategies? Let me tell you that they’re just as impressive.

The game offers a unique twist on traditional slot machines with its 5-reels and 40 paylines format. It also has an interesting feature where you can collect arrows to trigger wild symbols on specific reels for bigger wins.

Moreover, the Free Spins Bonus round is triggered by landing three or more scattered target symbols anywhere on the reels which gives players a chance to win even more prizes without spending any money.

As for winning strategies, there is no guaranteed way to win but players can increase their chances by setting a budget before playing and sticking to it while using smaller bets instead of going all-in at once.

All in all, Lady Robin Hood slot game is definitely worth playing especially for those who love a good challenge mixed with fun gameplay mechanics and potential big winnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum and maximum bet for Lady Robin Hood Slot Game?

To play Lady Robin Hood slot game, you can place a minimum bet of 40 cents and a maximum bet of $400. Betting strategies include adjusting the number of paylines and the coin value to suit your budget and playing style.

Can Lady Robin Hood Slot Game be played on mobile devices?

Hey there! Lady Robin Hood is totally mobile compatible so you can play anytime, anywhere. The user experience is smooth and seamless, making it easy to spin those reels on-the-go.

Is there a progressive jackpot in Lady Robin Hood Slot Game?

Lady Robin Hood slot game does not offer a progressive jackpot. However, it has a decent payout structure that can be maximized by using effective strategies such as maximizing bets and taking advantage of bonus rounds.

What is the return to player (RTP) percentage for Lady Robin Hood Slot Game?

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised as the RTP analysis of Lady Robin Hood Slot Game reveals a high return percentage. This means that your chances of winning are increased, which has a positive impact on gameplay.

Are there any exclusive promotions or bonuses for playing Lady Robin Hood Slot Game at certain online casinos?

Yes, there are exclusive promotions and bonus codes available for playing Lady Robin Hood slot game at certain online casinos. These can include rewards, incentives, loyalty programs, welcome offers, deposit bonuses, free spins and even cashback. Check with individual casinos for specific details.


Congratulations! You’ve now reached the end of our Lady Robin Hood slot game review. We hope you’ve found this article informative and helpful in your decision-making process whether to play the game or not.

Overall, Lady Robin Hood is a fun and exciting slot game that offers numerous chances to win big prizes with its bonus features. Its graphics and sound effects also add to the overall gaming experience.

So, if you’re looking for an enjoyable game with a unique twist on the classic tale of Robin Hood, then Lady Robin Hood might just be the perfect fit for you. However, please keep in mind that gambling should always be done responsibly. Set a budget before playing and stick to it.

With that being said, we recommend giving Lady Robin Hood a try if you’re in the mood for an adventurous slots journey back to medieval times full of archery competitions and heists. It’s definitely worth a shot!
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